Compact Design: 0.4 to 2.2 KW, Dual Rating

  • Easy maintenance
  • Various installation ways
  • Excellent performance
  • Multi-function and easy to use
  • Potentiometer on the front for easy frequency adjustment
  • Optional external keypad

4.0 KW to 500 KW, Dual Rating

  • Supports SVC control
  • Enables high precision of speed torque control 
    and fast speed response
  • Integrates safety function-STO (Safe Torque OFF, SIL2)
  • The unique I/F control is very suitable at low 
    speed with high torque requirements
  • The transition from rotating state to dc braking is very smooth. The current impact is small, and the current response of dc braking is faster
  • Excellent function at "Catch-on-the-Fly"
  • Solid plastic housing 4~75kW
  • Solid metal housing 90~500kW
  • ≤37KW Standard built-in DBU
  • Internal C3 EMC filter, Optional external 
    C2 EMC filter
  • PID control function (with sleep function)
  • Automatic voltage regulation (AVR), Torque 
    compensate function
  • Optional parameter copy LED external keypad, 
    meeting the requirements of diverse applications

S1 series IP55 version: 4kW to 110kW, Dual Rating

  • Ingress protection rating of IP55 applicable to working environments dust and water vapor conditions (NEMA rating 3S)
  • S1 IP55 the inverter is also designed as a dual-rate inverter, to be used cost-effectively in ND or LD mode, depending on the application and load.
  • Built-in DC reactors as standard from 18,5kW to 110 kW
  • Built-in brake chopper (standard from 4kW to 37 kW(ND), optional from 45kW to 110 kW (ND))
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